Pet Sitting-

Mid-day Potty Breaks-

$15.00 per trip morning, midday or evening

Mid-day Break Packages-

3 days a week-$45.00,

4 days a week-$55.00,

5 days a week-$70.00

Vacation care-

$30.00 per day includes: Individualized Care Plan, feeding 1 or 2x daily, morning,midday, and evening walks/ litter box cleaned 2x daily, daily report of feedings and interactions, complimentary waste removal and lots of scratches and belly rubs!

Waste Management-

Complimentary with any Pet Sitting Package. $15.00 per waste management visit, if not combined with a Pet Sitting Package.



Additional Services-

Ear Care and Nail Trim Package-

$10.00 Ala Carte or only $5.00 with either pet sitting package. Includes professional nail trimming and ears cleaned.

Pet Taxi-

$20.00 Includes round trip to vet appointment, grooming appointment or play date. If your pet needs specialty food picked up from the vet and delivered to your home, this can be done at a lower rate.



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